CIM USA was established by the Minnesotan Ivorian to build a strong community of people living in Minnesota.

Prior to the us being, we observed that as diverse as the population of Minnesota is, the Ivorian community never had an official Channel to share its talents and rich culture with the wonder and welcoming State of Minnesota.

Most importantly, after the multiple happy and sad events that happened among Minnesotan Ivorian, we concluded that a strong and legally recognized organization needed to be formed.

With that in mind, during the Spring of the year 2019, pioneers of the Ivorian diaspora living in Minnesota decided to create a Nonprofit organization C.I.M USA.

While their primary goal is to help provide a better level of support and assistance to the Ivorian community living in Minnesota CIM USA intends to promote healthy programs while giving back to the larger Minnesotan community which happily welcomed adopted them.